How to maximise the transportation pooling ?

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How it works ?

Connect2Move automatically finds the best meeting point. The algorithm is based on the space-time proximity of vehicules.

The “meeting point” is the innovative concept of Connect2Move. This is a spot from which is organised the transportation pooling. The meeting point is defined by his coordinates, a time and his transshipment capabilities. Our smart solution makes use of the geographic information system (GIS). The algorithm is based on the space-time proximity of vehicles and automatically finds the best meeting point.

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Your benefits

The transportation pooling is one of the ways for many companies to make savings and to be more competitive. Connect2Move is a new smart mobility solution that facilitates and automates the complex organisation and coordination of this practice. It is a very flexible and scalable IT solution oriented to the business needs.

B2B service Connect2Move

  • A smart solution with an automated calculation
  • A flexible and scalable back-end service (API)
  • A secure, independent and learning data server
More info ?

The solution is provided as a real-time Web service. This is just an information flow between the IT department of the company (that makes a request) and our data server (that sends an answer. Our server receives the geo-data about vehicles (origins and destinations), calculates the solutions and resends the data (the meeting point) about the best matching. The process needs less than one second and is completely secure.

Basic service

Real-time calculation of the meeting points and the shared route.


Advanced support services

  • Tracking

    System with live localisation and traffic

  • Monitoring

    Analysis and statistics over the user data (€, CO²…)

  • GIS Modeling

    Research & development (R&D) based on the user data